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Full Rimmed Frames

We offer a wide selection of prescription and non prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses in Singapore. Whether you are searching glasses online for prescription or fashion use, you can never go wrong with classic full rimmed glasses. Full rimmed eyeglasses have frames that encapsulate the lenses with a thick or thin frame. These frames are made of metal, titanium, plastic, acetate and polycarbonate materials.

A common misconception that exists among glasses wearers is that full rimmed glasses are not advisable for wearing throughout the day, as they tend to weigh down on the bridge of your nose. Contrary to the popular belief, there are light-weight full rimmed frames in acetate and titanium that will hardly put pressure on your nose.

Semi rimmed and rimless frames are not recommended for expensive thin lenses. These frames are highly fragile and you have to be careful while using them. However, with sturdy full rimmed frames, you eliminate the risk of breaking your thin lenses. They also perfectly support the weight of heavy lenses with stronger prescriptions. Hence, you can easily wear your feather light full rimmed frames throughout the day. Classic full rimmed Ray-ban pilots and full rimmed squares can practically perk up any mundane outfit.

Here are few benefits of wearing full rimmed frames:

  • They are comfortable for an all day use
  • They are easy to wear and sit snugly on your face without taking a tumble
  • They are extremely durable and are available in a variety of colours
  • You can make a bold style statement with thick full rimmed glasses
  • They are perfect for a stronger prescription
  • They can give you a well-read and intelligent look
  • Full rimmed glasses are suitable for all face shapes
  • They have a versatile style that will compliment any look that you decide to pull off.

Perfect Glasses houses the largest collection of full rimmed spectacle frames in Singapore. We offer about 1200 full rimmed frames from a number of affordable and designer brands. You can choose your favourite frame, based on your face shape, eye colour and hair colour. Full rimmed glasses are perfect for fashionistas as they add definition to your face and flatter your facial features. So take your pick from a slew of full rimmed styles at Perfect Glasses.