Published By Skye Spencer

I didn’t wear prescription glasses while using digital devices, until a few days back when I learnt my lesson the hard way. Like many of you, I didn’t know the kind of harm the digital screens were inflicting on my eyes. After spending 9 hours at work and then the remaining 3 hours of my awake hours clicking away at leisure time digital devices, I noticed that my eyes felt tired, sore and watery. I had started to lose sleep (I now resembled Harry Potter’s owl Hedwig) in the night and started to take cat naps at my workplace ( of course when our manager Francis was busy staring at his own iPhone) ;-) This was obviously affecting my performance and I didn’t know how to deal with it. That's when one of my colleagues pointed out I was probably suffering from digital eye strain!

Today our lives are being dominated by just one thing - No, I am not talking about money - No it's not love either - I am referring to SCREENS - yes - we have become the quintessential ‘screenagers’. According to a report in the Daily Mail, an average person checks his smartphone around 85 times a day. Plus, add the time spent glaring at tablets, laptops, computers, e-readers, etc. to these shocking statistics. With about 9 hours + spent daily, looking at these digital devices, just imagine the kind of strain your eyes undergo every single day.

Side Effects of Overexposure to Screens
Here are two side effects of sitting glued to the digital devices for a long duration every day.

Digital Eye Strain/Computer Vision Syndrome
This eye fatigue brought about by over exposure to digital screens is known as digital eye strain or even computer vision syndrome (CVS). Generally excessive screen time results in eye fatigue, dryness and redness of eyes which in turn leads to irritation. Too much of screen time, without proper breaks and rest, and you will feel your eyes getting strained and becoming more tired. This may also be accompanied by a blurred vision.

Exposure to Blue Light or High-Energy Visible (HEV light)
Blue light also known as High-Energy Visible (HEV) emitted by digital devices has the shortest wavelength (380nm to 500nm) among all light frequencies. It pierces deep through the filters of the retina, and can cause serious damage to your eyesight. It can expedite age related macular degeneration and even cause blindness. If you are losing your sleep off lately, no it's not because of ‘love’, it's probably because of excessive exposure to HEV light that is affecting your REM sleep and throwing your body’s circadian cycle off the hook.

This alarming information literally ‘opened’ my eyes. So as you know, I believe in frugal living (except for the few designer splurges every now and then that exhaust my savings) ;-), I logged on to Perfect Glasses for cheap prescription glasses online and selected a frame and added a package that gave my eyes protection against digital eye strain and blue light. My new prescription eyewear has a digital protection coat. Hence, today I can easily access my iPhone, read on my Kindle or work my laptop without giving two hoots (Hedwig - you get the connection) ;-) about digital eye strain. My eyes don’t feel heavy or fatigued at all. So now my nocturnal browsing shenanigans continue without posing a health threat to my eyesight!

Ask for the following important coatings when you order your glasses online Digital Protection Coat
Perfect Glasses provides you with the best digital protection coat for your eyeglasses. You can customise your package and choose between 1.56 index standard premium lenses, 1.61 index standard high impact lenses, 1.67 index standard ultra thin lenses or 1.74 index standard wafer thin lenses based on your budget and prescription.

The index of your lenses is directly proportional to your prescription. Spectacles with a stronger prescription often require heavy & thick lenses that will almost certainly weigh down on your nose and make you uncomfortable throughout the day.

Perfect Glasses highly recommends wafer thin or ultra thin lightweight lenses for such complex prescriptions in order to eliminate the duress rendered by the thick lenses.

At Perfect Glasses, you can even get a FREE digital coat for your prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses (even for eyewear starting at £9). With each of these packages you will get scratch resistant coat, anti-reflective coat, and a UV 400 protection that will filter harmful sunrays and keep your eyes safe.

Anti-scratch Coat/Scratch Resistant Coat
This have been times when I have rendered my expensive designer sunglasses useless by keeping them face down and allowing the lens surface to get scratched. :-(

Anti-scratch or scratch resistant coatings increases the longevity of the prescription glasses and even of cheap glasses by protecting the lenses from scratches and dust particles. It will also keep your glasses in perfect condition for several years to come. And guess what? Scratch resistant coating for your eyeglasses is absolutely FREE at Perfect Glasses.

Anti-glare Coat
Glare is reflected by cement floor, sand, water, snow and many other surfaces. Hence, whichever activity you undertake like driving, skiing, boating, etc., anti-glare coat on the glasses becomes indispensable.

The glare from the headlights of other cars and street lights can put sudden flashes of light on your eyes, blurring your vision, making you lose focus and increasing the chances of accident (especially during the night time). Rx glasses with anti-glare coatings ensure better vision and more safety.

UV 400 Protection
The UV 400 protection coat ensures that the users of the prescription glasses or the cheap designer glasses are protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Let’s face it. Screens are not going to go off the face of the earth, anytime sooner. In fact, one will be exposed to more and more number of screens because of innovative technological breakthroughs every day. So if are wired to keep up with trends and continue to be a ‘screenager’ - you might as well do it responsibly. Hence, it’s important that you get digital screen protection eyewear from Perfect Glasses today and protect your eyesight from the harmful effects of digital devices! After all, we need flawless eyesight to continue to browse through the wonders that time shall unfold! ;-)