Published By Skye Spencer

Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex and the City, ‘ Women come to big cities in search of two L’s - Love and Labels!’. Now…...I might not know much about Love but, LABELS? Labels I can tell you about :) No matter where we are, what we do, how much money we make we all have a list of few things we desperately want to own. We might spend our lives just dreaming about them and won’t give up. And why should we give up anyway? Every person deserves the best of everything and owning the best of brands labels in the world is like a dream come true. Especially for girls like me ;) So, like every other girl in the world I have my own list of the top luxury brands that I want to desperately own. What are these brands? You may wonder. So, let me share a tiny tiny part of my list with you. Following brands are the ones I worship and would do anything do have them. The first one to top my list without a doubt is Chanel. Be it the iconic Chanel couture jacket or the famous No. 5 perfume, I want them both, a Dolce & Gabbana bustier dress, a Birkin, Manolo Blahnik pumps, a piece of jewellery from Tiffany's, a nude colored trench coat from Burberry, a Rolex watch, a Victoria’s Secret lingerie set and cosmetics from Helena Rubinstein.

Pheww!! Just writing about it makes my heart pump blood faster than the normal. This is the thing about labels and brands and designer wears, they make you feel ‘YOU’ and give you the attitude to be yourself. So, this has been my list since last one year now and somewhere in late 2016 it struck me that my list lacks a perfect set of glasses and hence began my hunt for one. I knew, for all the other things on my list, I am gonna have to work too hard and for a bit longer but, glasses, I thought I could still somehow manage to get them. So, I finally decided I would go for the crystal studded metal cateye glasses from Gucci. But, but, but…. when I did my little research on the pricing I knew, this also would take some time and efforts. But, I could not get the words ‘Gucci Glasses’ out of my head and wanted them so badly. I had to find some way out to quiet my soul and so I began researching again. I thought there has to someplace where I could get my Gucci glasses and that’s when I came across Perfect Glasses.

Getting into a Gucci store and grabbing my favourite glasses was something I couldn’t do at that moment but, Perfect glasses gave me a perfect alternative. Their designer glasses collection gave me a whole new list to choose from and so I did. I selected the sassy and classy ‘Gucci Gg 3781 D289o glasses. I was in love in them the moment they popped up on my screen. So, as I was relatively new to online shopping for glasses I spent half a day on Perfect Glasses websites and got surprised with every scroll and click. And it made me wonder why haven’t I known about this for so long. Perfect Glasses is one of the best websites in UK to buy prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses and in general when you wish to buy glasses online. The best thing about buying glasses online is that it will give you multiple options in every single category when you will customise your glasses like rimmed and rimless glasses or plastic, metal and titanium glasses. And this whole exercise brings out the best frame that you can have. The price for my Gucci frame was £316 and I bought them just for £158 with a crazy swooping discount of 50% just by using a ‘PAYHALF’ code while placing my order. It was unbelievable. Knowing that you could get one thing on your list striked out was an f*@%$ing awesome feeling!! So…..my dear ladies, if you want to buy sexy designer glasses online from Perfect Glasses all you need to do is visit their site, look out for a sexy frame, select options like, size, shape, material, colour and lens type from their user friendly filters and try on every single frame that pops up on your screen all thanks to their ‘virtual try on’ feature that gives you a perfect idea of how it will look on you. The site can be accessed from any device and any picture either already uploaded or clicked on the spot with the device camera can be used for this awesome feature. Once you are done with the first step of selection you will get an extensive choice of lenses that you can choose from. As per your need, you can go for bifocal glasses or varifocal glasses. They have simple basic lenses and also high tech super thin lenses. With every pair of glasses you order you get a free thin 1.56 index prescription lense, free scratch resistant, anti reflective coating with UV 400 protection and a case with microfibre cloth for cleaning. If you wear prescription glasses, you can send across your prescription to them. Also, you can track your placed order via text and email throughout the time till it reaches you and return the product if you are not satisfied within 90 days with their ‘no quibble returns policy’. What more can a shopoholic ask for.

This website was like a treasure that I had found and now, a little confession that I would like to make….I landed up buying two designer glasses instead of one :P I just couldn’t control myself!!!! And I don’t regret it. It’s my best buy till date :D So ladies, as far as eyeglasses are concerned, we are sorted!!!! Go right now, log on to https://www.perfectglasses.co.uk and grab a classy and sexy pair of designer glasses. After all we need to complete our lists right and the neverending search for the two L’s…...Love and Labels!