Published By Skye Spencer

Thanksgiving dinners are supposed to be times when one has to be grateful - oh my my - but not the Thanksgiving of 2015. Forget being grateful, it was a day when everything became stressful. It will forever be etched in my memory as the day when everything went South.

First of all, the turkey that I roasted came out slightly burnt, (read turned dark brown and filled my apartment with a strong stench of burnt food). I did order another one from a restaurant (now that is a secret) just in time for my guests to arrive. It was only after about half a bottle of spritzing room freshner & hasty kitchen cleaning (nip & tuck here and there), I could make my house presentable.

My new pup Camelot was having a difficult time dealing with my Mr. bossy pants our spoilt to the ‘t’ tom cat Sir Lancelot. Both of them decided it was not going to be their ‘best behaviour day’. My parents and Jake’s parents had come over for dinner. They made it a point to entertain everyone with their antics (with Lancelot chasing Camelot throughout the house). Jake’s mother even made a few snide remarks as to how it resembled me chasing her son during our fights. (That was indeed very very mean.) :-(

So, while we all gathered around the table for a family photo with my own home-cooked ;-) sumptuous turkey roast on the center. There was a loud ‘thud’ noise outside, Camelot had mustered some courage and chased away Sir lancelot in such a way that my entire coffee table lay on the floor with its belonging scattered helter skelter. I could see some of my expensive China broken into shards along with my father’s precious titanium rimless reading glasses. It was really not the best day of my life. :-( Not only did they break the glasses, they broke my heart too. I knew how important it was for my father to have his reading glasses because of his undying love for reading.

I knew I had to do something immediately. The best I could think of was buying designer reading glasses online. So I immediately logged on to
perfectglasses.co.uk and asked my father to select a pair of glasses for himself. I know my dad loves me too much to select expensive glasses online, so he immediately clicked on the value glasses section for buying prescription glasses at lowest prices in the UK. He added the cheapest possible functional pair to the cart. I knew better. I took the laptop in my hands and went to the designer glasses online section. I was stunned to see so many designer men’s glasses online. Well-crafted light-weight frames in glossy acetates and metals looked stunning - almost like they belonged to an expensive High Street store. I browsed through various brands like Fendi, Gucci, Dior, Safilo, Gant, S. T. Dupont, Guess, Hugo Boss, Benetton, Max&Co, Hangten, Fossil, etc.

I found the most perfect looking designer reading glasses online on Perfect Glasses. They were a stunning pair of full rimmed titanium glasses from the brand S. T. Dupont. The frame had brushed gold colour, was lightweight and was perfect for everyday long wear. I uploaded my dad’s photo on the world class ‘try on’ by perfect Glasses and saw that they made him look really handsome! At that instant, I knew that this year, my dad was going to wear the best reading glasses online.

I selected the standard thin 1.56 lenses with scratch resistant coatings package for my reading glasses. Just when I thought I was in for a major sticker shock, I saw that the Perfect Glasses was offering a Flat 50% off on the entire website. This meant that I just bagged my designer reading glasses at lowest prices in the UK.

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