Published By Skye Spencer

Not everything that glitters is gold. Similarly, not everything that is expensive can be worth the spend. Sometimes the most beautiful and useful things come with cheap price tags. Don’t believe me? Here is an incident that I remember from last year.

Jake and I were out on a vacation, backpacking through Europe, having the time of our lives. Europe’s scenic beauty, heritage sites, exotic food & interesting people had made us completely forget about the daily trife of life. ( We completely forgot we had to work 50 hours a week for living the life we did. ) :-)

We were travelling to Paris by Eurail, the journey was long and tiring. However, I was so excited that I was going to see Eiffel tower for the first time. We got off at Paris and took a cab to our hotel. Just when we were about to go for a sightseeing visit, I noticed that one of Jake’s bags was missing. It had our snacks, maps and guess what? Jake’s new pair of Designer Glasses. We searched high & low in our luggage but couldn’t find it. I knew he was wearing his prescription contact lenses so we didn’t have to rush to an unknown optician for a new pair on an emergency basis.

I knew that his new prescription glasses made Jake look confident, suave and intellectual. To my annoyance (and Jake’s delight), he especially loved to hog the attention that he got from his female colleagues because he looked ‘too hot to handle’ in his sexy wayfarer spectacles. :-( But I let this pass, because I knew he looked irresistible in his Rx glasses. <3<3 So if it made me (his longtime girlfriend) go weak in the knees, god save other girls. ;-) (If looks could kill..) Those black acetates accentuated his facial features and made him look nothing short of a bespectacled Greek god. (You are probably thinking, I’m crazy but I am head over heels in Love) Ohh I could just go on drooling over Jake, but let me return back to our story. <3<3<3

I felt very guilty about this expensive loss. The sweetheart that he was, Jake said he would get a new pair when we went back home. I wanted to make it up to him for my mistake and decided to surprise him with a brand new pair. (Having lived 2 years together, I knew his prescription like the back of my hand)

I wanted to surprise Jake, so I sat down and did my math. Having exhausted most of my salary on this expensive Europe trip and Christmas gifts for my family, I barely had money left to buy me a pack of jelly babies forget buying new glasses for Jake. :-( Designer glasses, No. But affordable eyeglasses, maybe. So while I sat their hatching a plan to clinch the best cheap prescription glasses for my beau, I had a fabulous idea. I had heard from my sister that one can get high quality cheap prescription glasses in the UK at Perfectglasses.co.uk, so I decided to give it a try right away.

I was amazed with the wide variety they had to offer. Perfect Glasses displayed over 3000 stylish frames to choose from, and their value glasses category had pairs starting at just £ 9. Perfect Glasses showcased innumerable trendy sunglasses & eyeglasses at lowest prices in the UK.

Buying prescription glasses online has never been this easy. I uploaded Jake’s photo on the world class virtual mirror of Perfect Glasses and checked how various types of frames like titanium glasses, wayfarer glasses, aviator glasses, rimless glasses, full-rimmed eyeglasses and semi-rimmed glasses were looking on him. I finally settled for a deep brown rectangular frame that would go perfectly well with his beard and man bun (I know, he’s sexy & I‘m so damn lucky) ;-) and compliment his quirky creative director personality. So I placed the order and called their friendly customer service manager, Francis on 0203 287 3355 and asked him if he could arrange the Rx glasses to be delivered on a specific date when we would have reached home. He was more than happy to help me and even offered anti-reflective coating absolutely free.

As committed by perfectglasses.co.uk, I received the glasses on the day we reached our home in Enfield.

I was so happy that I had ordered my premium quality cheap prescription glasses online, through Perfect Glasses. I left the box on Jake’s study table. Jake’s reaction on seeing the wonderfully packaged eyeglasses from Perfect Glasses was totally priceless. It was an unusual surprise gift for him.

When he opened the box and tried on the glasses, he said it had been the most thoughtful gift ever (Yes, I was beaming with joy) Jake just loved his eyeglasses’ frame, he was so impressed with the amazing quality and style of his eyeglasses from the Italian Jorgio collection, that he made me order Rx sunglasses for both of us from Perfect Glasses. The well-crafted and finely finished glasses didn’t look like they belonged to value glasses or the discount glasses category at all. Not only did I save a lot by buying discount glasses online, I landed myself a special place in Jake’s heart. (Endless hugs and kisses were my return gifts) Little cost for such a huge perk. ;-) Needless to say, Jake received a lot of compliments on his new look from his co-workers. (And now I have even more reasons to be jealous ;-) )