Published By Skye Spencer

They say it right! Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. I learnt this the hard way, rather the ‘up-to-head-in-debt’ kind of hard way, after splurging all my monies on designer fashion. :-( While I missed being sued by the skin of my teeth, it did teach me a very important life lesson, “Beauty lies in getting the best for less.”

After a short bout at the shopaholics anonymous, cream crackered of my spendthrift nature which was making my bank balances run dry, I finally decided to kick my bad habit in the b#**. I was in for a penny, in for pound to switch to a frugal lifestyle. :-O

So with a great effort, I transformed from a impulsive shopaholic into a deadly discount huntress, who would pounce upon every deal that came my way. The word discount gave me that warm fuzzy feeling that one feels after falling in love. It was as if I was practically winning every £10 budget challenge, money saving was literally giving me a high! <3<3

So on a similar delirious money saving ride, I logged on to one of the popular optical websites (shh the name remains a secret for obvious reasons) and ordered my below £10 prescription glasses online. I was so excited about my frugal lifestyle, however when the glasses arrived, they almost made me relapse and switch back to being a brand conscious person. The quality was so bad, that it literally reiterated ‘cheap glasses’ in bold. The prescription lenses weren’t even close to what I had ordered! This was surely one sore regretted purchase that gave me second thoughts about buying cheap glasses online in the UK.

One of my friend, Suzie told me that not all hope was lost. I should probably give online Rx glasses one last chance. As directed by her, I logged on to Perfect Glasses for prescription glasses at lowest prices in the UK.

If you are a discount enthusiast, just like me, here are few reasons why you will like cheap glasses online at Perfect Glasses

1. Wide Variety of Value Glasses: Thrift buy doesn’t have to be boring. There are 1000+ latest frames and sunglasses in the value glasses category for you to choose. Select from trend-on acetates, titanium, metallic pairs in aviator, wayfarer, round, rectangle & oval shapes. Select from full rimmed, semi-rimmed and rimless frames, so that you can own multiple pairs to suit your every look.

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4. 90 days No quibble Guarantee: Perfect Glasses is a safe bet when it comes to taking risks with your prescription eyewear. If you don’t like any of the frames or they don’t fit the way you would like, just call up their customer service on 0203 287 3355 and they will replace your glasses under their - 90 days no quibble guarantee.

5. Cheap Designer Glasses: Not just the usual affordable range, Perfect Glasses also offers a wide variety of cheap designer glasses online from popular luxury brands like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Dior, Guess, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Fendi, Carrera, Oxydo, Benetton, Police, Fossil, Pepe Jeans, Bebe, Max & co, Pierre Cardin, Calvin Klein, Safilo, Nike, Puma, S. T. Dupont, etc.

6. Virtual Tryon: Perfect Glasses has the best virtual try on in the UK, so whether you are looking for prescription glasses or Rx sunglasses, you can now try on all the frames and see for yourself how they look on you, before you click on the checkout button.

Remember, vision correction does not have to be expensive, it has to be accurate!

The self declared penny pincher that I am - I make no bones about declaring my endless love for cheap sunglasses & spectacles at Perfect Glasses. If you want value for your money and would like to make a risk free purchase, try placing a order with them. Perfect Glasses operates only on an ‘online exclusive’ format and hence, does not levy extra charges on its products & services to compensate for the heavy overhead charges borne by brick and mortar stores. This makes Perfect Glasses the best website for online prescription glasses & sunglasses. With such low prices, you will definitely not face a credit card burnout or a dry spell in your savings. In fact, you will be in a perfect position to buy multiple pairs to compliment your every look. So, try Perfect Glasses, they are surprisingly quick and will dispatch your order within just 24 hours. <3<3<3<3